Monday, November 7, 2011

Game of the Century? No, not even game of the year.


The Alabama vs LSU game this past weekend was hyped up as one of the biggest games in college football history. A meeting between the number 1 and 2 teams in the country deserves such attention, and I'll admit that I was excited about it. Then the game started and I realized it was gonna be all about defense. I love college football, but nobody wants to watch the two best defenses dominate two very weak offenses. LSU only proved one thing to me in their 9-6 victory: they have a better kicker.

Neither LSU nor Alabama has a good quarterback. Alabama has the best running back in the country, but one man can only do so much against such a physical defense. LSU has better receivers, but without a quarterback that doesn't get you much. The defenses are about the same and are so much better than any others in the country. Jarrett Lee is the better game manager and does enough to not lose, but he threw an interception every other pass it seemed. Jordan Jefferson is more athletic and more explosive, but with that high reward also comes high risk. AJ McCarron is young and was just over matched, it didn't help not having a big time wide receiver to bail him out. I wouldn't want any of the three quarterbacks running my favorite team, but they are 9-0 and 8-1 so they're doing something right.

The best game of the day was probably Oklahoma St. and Kansas St. If you wanted the opposite of what you were seeing with LSU and 'Bama, then this was the game to watch. OK St. won 52-45 and the teams total offense combined more than doubled LSU and Alabama's. Kansas St. continues to shock me with their offense. Their quarterback can't throw the ball, but somehow they get by and are 7-2. Oklahoma St. is nearly unstoppable on offense but is unable to stop anybody on defense. An OKST vs LSU matchup would bring together the two most opposite teams. That could be the National Championship game with Oklahoma St moving up to number 2 in the BCS behind LSU, while Alabama fell to number 3.

Notre Dame v Michigan, Wisconsin v Michigan St, Stanford v USC were all better games than LSU v Bama. I understand they didn't mean as much to the landscape of football, with the rankings and all, but from start to finish the games can't even be compared.

Case Keenum is now the all time passing leader in college football history with 17,202 yds. Congratulations.

Penn St's former defensive coordinator is banging little kids, sick fuck. Read the grand jury report, its fucking disgusting. Dude needs to be locked up for life.

Notre Dame is wearing these against Maryland. They're, uh, different.

Roll Tide is overused. 

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