Sunday, March 18, 2012

call me madness.

March really is madness. 

The basketball tournament speaks for itself, just ask Duke and Mizzou. Of the seven brackets I filled out, the one that is doing the best has Detroit playing NC State in the Sweet 16; madness. 

Off of the court my weekends have been full of celebrations. First there was Unofficial St. Patrick's day up at U of I. That trip involved Pakistani food, a shit ton of drinks, some amazing chicken fingers and falling from lofts. Out of everything that weekend brought, there are three words that will stick with me forever: "Call Me Maybe".  Call Me Maybe is one of the most girly/annoying songs in the world, but I can't turn it off. To be honest I'm listening to it as I'm typing. Thanks U of I. 

The real games started on Thursday without much drama. Syracuse should have lost to North Carolina Asheville if the refs didn't blow an obvious call at the end. Other than that there were no buzzer beaters and VCU and Colorado were the only lower seeds to win. That would change friday. While Mizzou should have played like they had something to prove, they played down to Norfolk St. I found myself rooting for Norfolk St as the game was winding down; not because I had them winning, (I had Mizzou in the final four in almost all my brackets) but because one of my best friends is a Mizzou fan and the thought of how angry he would be just made me laugh. We celebrated his 21st birthday that night, and he drank away his sorrows. 

I would soon find myself in his spot, taking pulls of Jameson as Notre Dame was knocked out of the tournament due to an awful lane violation call. This seems to be a recurring theme as Notre Dame is now 0-6 (football and basketball) on nights where they play while I am at a party. I picked Xavier in my money bracket simply because of this stat, it never fails. God just wants me to drink heavily. It's because I'm an Irish Catholic. 

At least Duke lost. Duke sucks. 

As far as Cinderella stories go, 11 seed North Carolina State and 13 seed Ohio are wearing the glass slippers this year.   

Do you see a lane violation? yea I don't either.


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