Monday, October 31, 2011


This happened...

I wasn't actually at the game, but I was at a bar so I had plenty of fun. After everything the Cards had to deal with this season, I'm still not sure that win actually happened. Their best pitcher was out all season, their second best pitcher had a down year (Carp was 11-9 during the season), and the best hitter in the history of baseball had a the worst year of his career. The bullpen couldn't keep a lead for multiple stretches during the season and the Cards lost games they had in the bag. A highly criticized three team trade sent Colby Rasmus to Toronto, while the Cardinals got pitchers Edwin Jackson, Octavio Dotel and Marc Rzepczynski, along with outfielder Corey Patterson.  

Everybody knows what happened next: 10.5 back, an improbable run into the playoffs, the huge upset of the Phillies in round 1, the dominance of the Brewers in round 2 and then a World Series title over the Rangers. That Rasmus trade turned out to be HUGE as all the pitchers played a role. 

Game 6 of the World Series was easily the greatest baseball game I have ever watched, and I think the momentum from that game carried the Cards in game 7. Texas had no chance in game 7, I know they scored 2 in the first inning, but that turned out to be a continuation of game 6 as David Freese's double in the home half tied it up. It was over after that. The Rangers' will to play was gone, a quick start and attempt to grab some momentum of their own was Freezed out. That was a terrible Freeze pun but I had to try.

Tony LaRussa retired this morning after winning his second World Series with the Cardinals and his third overall. I was never a huge fan of LaRussa, but I must admit he saw the game of baseball differently than anybody in the game. He was a mastermind of baseball and will be impossible to replace. He also passed out behind the wheel at a stop light and got a DUI, he's a legend in STL for multiple reasons.

Sunday, during the celebration for the Cardinals, St Louis realized their terrible football team had a home game as well. The Rams acknowledged the Cards before the game and then came out in what I think are the best uniforms in football. The throwback and Superbowl winning blue and yellow jerseys. The Rams seemingly had no chance against the Saints, who were coming off a 62-7 beat down of the Colts. 60 minutes and 52 total points later the Rams had their first win of the season: 31-21. Chris Long and rookie Robert Quinn dominated on defense. Stephen Jackson went wild for 159 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Denver played some left-handed guy they picked out of the stands at quarterback and got manhandled by the Lions. Miami almost won, almost. The Colts still suck and Peyton Manning has a great case for MVP this year. 

--Mark Roche

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